Postpartum Care

Together, day by day, we will decide how my presence in your home can be of most benefit to you and your family. I consider it my primary job to listen with whole-hearted presence so that I can support, affirm and respond to your needs, feelings, and experience. Practical tasks can include: assistance & advice on postpartum recovery, maternal care, newborn care, and breastfeeding; support for postpartum blues & anxiety; support your relationship with older child by watching newborn; care for older sibling(s); walk dog(s); run errands; accompany family to medical visits; watch newborn so mom can sleep/shower/self-care. 


Infant Massage

I am a trained Infant Massage Instructor through the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). I will not massage your infant, rather I will share the strokes and philosophy with you in order to pave the way for a life-long healthy and intimate family relationship with touch. Massage allows for special bonding time between you and your infant, hones in your ability to read and respect your baby's cues, and can aid with specific health issues. Children born prematurely, children with special needs, children with digestive discomfort or colic can all benefit from sustained touch applied in the right way. 



I am passionate about food and providing mamas and families with good nutrition. I'll make you protein rich, tasty snacks and meals tailored to your family's likes. I'm a bone-broth afficionado, a sauerkraut and kombucha maven, and an all around good cook. I lean towards healthy "California" cuisine - organic fresh veggies, fruit, grains, legumes, meat and fish. Soups are my specialty (and personal favorite food). I was a vegetarian for years, before my own children came along, and am entirely comfortable making complete and well-rounded vegetarian meals tailored to postpartum needs.