Kati & Romerito

Ali was amazing to work with and helped me get back on my feet after a difficult go at breastfeeding. Ali came into our lives during a time when my baby and I were at our most vulnerable. She was able to help me to decipher what challenges were present for me and articulate what support I needed to overcome the challenges. Not only did Ali sit with me and allow me to cry and express my frustration during the early motherhood period, she also helped me to come up with a plan to self-care, interact with my baby, and find quality time with my partner. 

I found Ali's approach to postpartum doula-ing both nourishing and energizing. She helped me grow into new motherhood by answering my litany of questions and empowered me to trust my mommy instincts. She encouraged me to have open and honest communication with partner by giving me tools and suggestions for how to approach discussing challenges and successes. When Ali came into our home she brought in a calm, positive, and relaxed energy that helped me open up about my new mommy insecurities. I always felt more resourced after she left. I cannot recommend Ali enough as she is the reason I was able to establish secure attachment with my baby and find my way out of the postpartum fog. 


Andrée & Kaia

I can't imagine a more perfect postpartum doula than Ali.  I experience the post-partum period is one of nesting and focusing inward on my nuclear family. Before meeting Ali, I couldn't imagine wanting to have someone new in my home during such a tender time.  But Ali has such a calming presence, a warm and wise heart, an open mind, and a natural way of being with newborns and their parents that she wove seamlessly into our lives. She made the experience richer and more restorative for all of us.  I looked forward to her visits and felt more relaxed at the end of them.  Some of the many things she did for us were: cook delicious healthy meals and snacks, hold our baby, wash/fold laundry, provide information on newborn massage and sleep and nutrition for breastfeeding mothers, organize our cabinets, encourage me to nap, and support every aspect of our experience. I heartily recommend Ali to all families welcoming a new person into their lives - she is truly amazing!